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Master Gardeners

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59 Days, 39 Degrees at 6,770 Feet
This excellent resource written by the Routt County Master Gardeners addresses our unique climate and growing season. Purchase your copy today for $15.00 + $2.00 s/h by calling (970) 879-0825 or email us at shope@co.routt.co.us
Native plant garden at the Human Services Building
The native plant garden at the Human Services Building - designed and planted by Karen Vail.
Photo courtesy of Karen Vail

Routt County is very lucky to have a thriving and active group of Colorado Master Gardeners (CMG) who volunteer more than 1,800 hours of their time each year to serving our communities. These dedicated volunteers assist CSU Extension staff by providing knowledge and research-based information to the public. Their reward? The return of successful gardens all over the county.

These certified volunteers initially receive over 60 hours of classroom instruction in topics covering:

  • Diagnostics and plant health care
  • Plant growth and identification
  • Soils, fertilizers and amendments
  • Insect identification and management
  • Lawn care and irrigation
  • Water-wise landscape design
  • Tree selection, planting, and disorders
  • Flowering plants, and
  • Weed identification and management.

Here in Routt County, the training for the Colorado Master Gardener Program is offered every other year. Our next 10 week training session is scheduled for 2015.

The 6-hour days are taught via distance education and with on-site instruction provided by Extension staff and CMG volunteers. First year apprentice Master Gardeners are required to provide 50 hours of volunteer time within the community and for program support, which includes time staffing the Farmers' Market. Each year thereafter, volunteers are required to provide 24 hours of volunteer time and log 12 hours of education.